Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and its popularity only keeps growing. Coffee shops are continuing to open up on every corner of the globe, while domestic caffeine addicts ensure plenty of profits for coffee sellers at home as well.  

It’s a great market to jump into, and you can make it happen with LRM coffee packaging.

LRM Puts Your Coffee in Homes and Restaurants



Your Coffee, the Way You Want It Presented

We have all typical coffee packaging types are available, such as cans or bags.

Are you looking to introduce a line of packaged coffee? LRM Packaging can make it happen.  All the while, thanks to our great location just off the Hudson River, we have excellent access to ports and airports, for global distribution, and Manhattan for local distribution.

LRM can provide all the coffee packaging services you need. Contact us today for a full consultation on your needs.

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