Whether you’re looking to boost production of an existing product, or bring a new product to market, LRM is the food packaging co-packer you can trust to see your project handled correctly.

Why Choose LRM Packaging

For over fifty years, LRM has served the food production industry with a wide variety of packaging and distribution options. Our massive 60,000 square foot facility is capable of handling even large jobs easily, while still guaranteeing quality control on the final product.

With a location near the Hudson River -only seven minutes from the George Washington Bridge-and with multiple airports nearby, we have superior shipping options available whether you’re looking to distribute locally, nationally, or globally.

We are also certified for handling Kosher, Halal, and Organic foods, so your customers with special dietary considerations can rest assured knowing your products are being handled with all appropriate care and respect.

What the LRM Food Packaging Company Offers

We specialize in the handling of dry foods along with liquids and bulk materials such as powders, pellets, and seeds. We offer numerous packaging options, including:

Our facilities have advanced blending and mixing machines available, so the production of mixed products is one of our specialties. Our goal is to always seek to minimize costs and waste, while providing you with high quality products that are ready for market and consumer enjoyment. 

No Job Is Too Big or Small

We pride ourselves on being able to take on contracts of all sizes. If you’re looking to create a test run for a product still under development, we’re happy to help! We’re also just as comfortable setting up extended long-term service agreements, or acting to fill a supply gap in an existing product.

There are many food packaging companies out there, but few have the same combination of experience, flexibility, and commitment to success as LRM Packaging. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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