LRM Packaging is here to handle your pharmaceutical contract packaging needs, with the capacity to fulfill orders of virtually any size, backed by superior packaging capabilities.

We can be your turnkey service for the production of pharmaceutical products, ranging from small local-market runs to global product rollouts. Additionally, we have the ability to fulfill manufacturing gaps and work as part of your global supply chain.

LRM Packaging has over fifty years’ experience handling food, pharmaceuticals, and supplements. This gives us the edge over many of our competitors, along with our highly flexible production systems that can be easily reconfigured to meet your needs.  

Creating Products You Can Rely On



Bring Your New Product to Market

We also offer full custom packaging consultation services, and our machinery can be easily configured to produce tiny test runs. We would be happy to work with you on packaging design and testing, to ensure your new product has the best possible chance of success.

Then, with our prime location in eastern New Jersey near the Hudson River, we have access to multiple distribution outlets to see your product delivered anywhere around the world.

When you partner with LRM Packaging for your pharmaceutical contract packaging needs, you are getting flexibility combined full-scale solution to meet your needs.  Contact us directly for more information or a free pricing quotation

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