People around the world love to snack, and this industry sees constant introduction of new products alongside long-time favorites. With LRM Packaging as your snack food packaging partner, you can bring your own snacks to market -or expand your existing capacity- with high quality and low prices.

Our 60,000 square foot facilities are set up to handle orders of any size, large or small. We put particular emphasis on the production of small dry foods, making us one of the top industry solutions for snack food packaging.  

Any Snack Food, In Any Combination

One of the highlights of our production facilities is that we can handle mixes of virtually any configuration, including both powders and small items such as nuts, granola, or cereal. We can work with you to quickly and easily diversify your product lineup with custom mixes. Or, we can simply expand your existing production capacity to help you meet the demands of more markets around the world.

In addition, we can provide a wide variety of packaging types allowing you to experiment with different packaging approaches ranging from the traditional to the experimental.  Bags, pouches, cans, bottles, cartons, and more are all options. Thanks to our flexibility, we can also assist you with the creation of new products and packaging designs, complete with small demonstration runs for evaluation and testing.  

We have been certified by multiple industry bodies governing safe food packaging and good manufacturing practices (CGMPs), and can comply with any organic, Halal, or Kosher requirements.  Our customers can trust foods which have been handled by LRM Packaging.

Then, with our superior location in New Jersey just a few minutes from the Hudson River, we have excellent access to shipping facilities as well. Whether you’re looking at a test rollout in Manhattan or the Northeast US, or worldwide distribution, LRM Packaging is up for the challenge. With LRM by your side, putting your snack foods in stores is simple.

To get started, contact us directly for a free price quote.

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