For over fifty years, the pharmaceutical and health-supplement industries have trusted LRM to consistently deliver safe, high-quality products which are ready for distribution throughout the healthcare system.

Whether they’re intended for medical facilities or store shelves, you can trust LRM vitamin packaging to maintain the strictest of health and safety standards while still attracting use. 

Further, due to our extensive 60,000 square foot in-house facilities, we have the capacity to handle any vitamin packaging job, of any type, no matter how large or small. Combined with the superior distribution potential we enjoy thanks to our eastern New Jersey location, and we can be your all-in-one source for putting vitamin products on shelves.

All the while, you can rest assured that both our production facilities and our supply line have been certified as safe for both food and drug production.  

A Wide Variety of Options in Vitamin Product Packaging



Family-Owned for Best Results

LRM Packaging has remained family-owned throughout our history, and that means our emphasis is on seeing your products succeed. To begin the process and get a full consultation on your vitamin packaging needs, contact us today.

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